Vision Statement

We are committed…


  • To foster a culture where everyone is recognised and respected as unique individuals, creating an environment where we treat others as we would wish to be treated.


  • To make St Cuthbert’s a vibrant, forward-thinking school that provides an outstanding education for its students and prepares them for life in modern Britain, allowing and encouraging them to live life in all its fullness.


  • To accomplish outstanding achievement for all in academic, spiritual and moral forms.


  • To focus on aspiration and determination to be the very best in order to help students in the realisation of their dreams.


  • To encourage and support all our young people to be resilient, confident communicators who are rightly proud of themselves, their school and their community.


  • To work with Parents/Carers who know that St Cuthbert’s provides a holistic approach to the care of their children to meet their personal development and wellbeing through mutual trust.


  • To provide a highly professional working environment and ethos for staff who choose to work at St Cuthbert’s.


  • To cultivate a sense of pride and self-worth in all staff, enabling them to thrive in their job and take ownership of their own professional development.


  • To use the resources available to deliver the best possible educational opportunities and learning environment for our students.