Prayer Wall

We pray for Jessica Davies and her family hoping they're okay because of the tragic that's happened. We all miss and loveyou loadsss! R.I.P beautiful,you didntt deserve this Xx


We pray for the victims of the earthquakes in Japan and Ecuador.

Mr M

Pray for Jessica's family and friends who are devastated by their loss x x


Good luck to all my fellow students in year 11 when they do their GCSE's

Josh Atherton

For a member of staff who's aunt has just passed away. She was very close to her aunt and the loss has made her very sad.

Mrs K

Pray for all the year 11's in their GCSE's

Jordan Callon (1)

Pray for the right questions in our GCSE's as St Joseph taught us

Jordan Callon

Please pray for those who need it the most xx

Caitlyn Smith

pray for my big brother James he is poorly and I want him to feel better :)

thomas tatlock

praying to Cameron Gaskell on his 16th birthday have good day Hun xoxoxoxox

anon (1)

I would like to pray for my nan to get better or help her to be out of pain.


Praying for Matthew Lee. Hope you have a speedy recovery now that the Bone Marrow Transplant has taken place. We miss you, stay strong lovely:) x

Year 11

Praying for Mathew Lee hope he gets well soon, we're all missing you stay strong x


A member of staff's mother in law who is seriously ill and an aunty of a member of staff who is also ill.

Mrs G

please may every one pray for those who are not as fortuned as us to get the kind of Christmas we have

unknown (1)