Royal Navy and Royal Marines set the paces at St. Cuthbert's

19 October 2017

The Royal Navy and Royal Marines delivered three sessions to our students with an underlying message that resilience will ensure aspirations and ambitions are met.

The Year 11's had a presentation from both forces explaining their roles in the military, what it took to get there, barriers they may have overcome and many references to personal experiences.  Our students were able to ask questions and interact with some of the presentation.

The Year 9 GCSE PE and BTEC first in Sport students then took part in a Physical Training Session led by the two Royal Navy officers. This imitated hard core drill training which required discipline and determination.

Finally, a Year 10 group carried out a team building activity in which they had to build a car that would transport and object for the furthest distance using an elasticated pulley system. The students were given the equipment but had to work out for themselves how to build the car and then get it to move.

All sessions were thoroughly enjoyed by our students and many asked when they would next be coming in. They took the underlying message and realized the importance of working hard to achieve your goals.

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