Knowlsey Safari Park

27 March 2018

As part of the Year 8 Business Mentors Programme, our students ventured to Knowsley Safari Park to look at how it is run 'behind the scenes'.  They started the day with a short session on potential careers that may be needed to help run the park and what part they would play in keeping the business successful.

They then took a drive around the Safari park to get to see the animals roaming freely and with some insight into their needs. Then back on foot they were able to explore some of the animals close up such as the giraffes and bats.

The final session of the day looked at interview techniques in a practical setting determining the skills necessary to be effective in the different roles. Through the activities the students were able to understand and acknowledge the importance of certain employability skills such as leadership, communication, teamwork, relationships and realise how these can be developed across many areas.

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