The Art Department

The Art Department is a very successful and thriving area - it has two classrooms, and an ICT suite; which is used for student support within the Department. Art is a popular subject at KS4 with approximately 100 students choosing to do Fine Art/Graphic Design as an option.

We work closely with local Colleges and each year our students attend workshops run by these and local Artists. This greatly enriches their experience of Art & Design and gives them a taste of pathways after life at St. Cuthbert's.

Last year Lucy R, a Year 11 student, won the KS4 first prize in the St Helen's Open Art Competition, and Ben B a Year 9 student won the KS3 first prize. A number of other students were highly also commended.


Department Staff:


Mr Marcus Kersey-Brown
Curriculum Leader Art

Miss Liza Alhadad
Teacher of Art

Mrs Bethany Anders
Art Technician

Mr Anthony Brown
Art Technician


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Art News

2018 GCSE Art Exhibition

Click on Lucy's painting (left) to see last Year's GCSE ART Exhibition 2018.