Curriculum Intent

‘Every human is an artist.’ Don Miguel Ruiz

The Art department has developed a curriculum which seeks to provide students with an inspiring but accessible journey in their Art education.


We aim to:

Build on the prior skills and knowledge of the students to enable them to become independent, resilient learners, and to be appreciative of culture and Art and Design.

Remove barriers to learning enabling students to safely build confidence, skills and knowledge and foster positive relationships with staff.

Ensure students are aware of opportunities and pathways available in the subject, through the departments collaboration with other schools, colleges and practitioners in the subject.


Department Staff

Mr Marcus Kersey-Brown
Curriculum Leader Art

Miss Liza Alhadad
Teacher of Art

Mrs Bethany Anders
Art Technician

Mr Anthony Brown
Art Technician


Art Curriculum Overview 2019

Key Stage 4 Art Pathways Information

Year 7 Art Progress Grid

Year 7 All About Me Overview Advent/Lent Term

Year 8 Art Progress Grid

Year 8 Savtchenko Overview Advent / Lent Term 2017

Year 9 Foundation GCSE Art Overview 2017

Key Stage 4 Art Pathways Information

Year 10 Unit 1 'Close Up'

Year 11 AQA Exam Question Guidance 2017

Year 7 All About Me Overview 2019

Year 8 Savtchenko Overview 2019

How to Annotate Your Sketchbook at KS4

Art News

2018 GCSE Art Exhibition

Click on Lucy's painting (left) to see last Year's GCSE ART Exhibition 2018.