Paper Manipulation Project.

08 November 2015

As part of their coursework for the 'Clothes & Costume' project Year 10 worked on an Origami based paper manipulation project last term. This involved doing their own research into the ancient Japanese Art form of Origami (which is literally translated as 'folding paper'), teaching these skills to the rest of their team, and finally presenting their final designs to the other groups. 

The results of their efforts are pictured below. Origami is a great way to relax and develop your dexterity. Check out this great video: click here

There are many others. If you're interested then why not come along to Art Club one night after School to try it out?

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Dress designed and made by Katie Titherington, Ella Lewis and Danielle Skillings. Dress designed and made by Jade Griffiths and Kara Jones.
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Dress designed and made by Amber Holden, Jazmin Kellett and Kerris Griffiths. Dress designed and made by Amy Lyon, Nina Cunliffe and Georgia Speakman.