Drama is part of the English National Curriculum and is taught as a discreet subject by a specialist practitioner at key stage 3. It is also a pathways option at Key stage 4 following the AQA examination specification. Many topics and subject matter are explored within the Drama curriculum, from teenage issues to Shakespeare. The curriculum offers pupil the chance to explore many different styles and genres of theatre and drama, from a range of time periods. The curriculum also enhances pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural understanding.

The department offer a range of opportunities such as Theatre trips for key stage 3 and 4. Visiting theatre companies. Opportunities to perform at School productions and concerts. Extra Curricular drama clubs.

Recent news: pupils, staff and the local community came together to perform a play called ‘Our streets’ in liaison with Chatterbox theatre co. and The Moore fun factory community group in Parr

Our most recent production was Matilda's Story! See the gallery below.


Year 7 Drama Club: Friday 2.40-3.40pm

Key stage 4 revision club: Thursday 2.40-3.40pm


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