Year 11 Field Trip 2018

26 April 2018

Over the weekend Miss Murphy and Mr Graves took 18 Year 11 Geographers to Colomendy Wales on a residential revision weekend and we couldn't have asked for better weather. After leaving school on Friday and arriving that afternoon, the Year 11's jumped straight into an action packed weekend of resilience, motivation and team building activities. On Friday night, they worked together to overcome various challenges in an obstacle course using some thinking skills and their knowledge of physics when creating rockets from scrap.
After getting up bright and early on Saturday, all 18 students spent 3 hours revising for their Geography GCSE focusing on the Physical Geography of Paper 1. They completed and fed back on a full mock paper proving to themselves how much they have learnt over the last 3 years and they then took on a case study activity. 1 hour was spent sorting out nearly 100 facts and applying them to 10 different case studies and this information was then used to answer practice long answer questions. A very productive 3 hours it was! By 12:30pm the sun was high in the sky and it was time for the fun to commence! The geographers were split into a girls and boys team and embarked on a number of activities including - rock climbing, abseiling, a blind folded trust task called Nightline and the the 3G swing to finish. Miss Murphy even had a go at the 3G swing - although it was probably her first and last time as heights are not her forte! After an action packed day the final activity was a lovely chilled out campfire where the students shared jokes, stories and learnt how to cook the most perfect roast marshmallows - which Mr Graves mastered with his 3 metre long stick!
On Sunday morning, the Year 11's and Miss Murphy spent 2 hours practising short answer exam technique, all in preparation for 3 weeks' time. Before departing the students took part in their last activity in the forest - a variety of obstacle challenges including ropes and logs which proved more challenging for some than originally thought but everyone had a go and laughed their way through it nonetheless. When finished we packed our bags onto the minibus and made our way back to school.
All returned safe and sound - and a bit wiser to their upcoming GCSE Geography exam. A successful weekend all round!
Written by Miss Murphy.