Year 8 Desfile De Moda!

26 May 2018

Year 8 Fashion Show 2018


Year 8 Desfile De Moda

This term in Spanish Year 8 have been working on a unit about clothes and shopping. 8 set 1 are always looking for ways to explore their creativity so we decided to hold a fashion show. We started by watching clips from Paris Fashion week and then got to work on our outfits. Miss Smith said we could wear whatever we liked – some chose their favourite outfits, while others decided to pick a theme and dress to match. 13 very brave students were on stage. While each model walked the runway, one of our friends described the outfit in Spanish. The whole show was in Spanish, with a script we wrote ourselves. We also put together the playlist and an accompanying slide show and even co-ordinated the stage lighting.
It was a brilliant group effort, with everyone sharing their gifts and talents. The show was enjoyed by all of our Y7 students, and various members of staff.  Head of Year Ms Bowler and Assistant Head Mrs Branch nabbed front row seats and said how impressed they were with our hard work and the Head of Modern Languages, Mrs Carney praised us for “bringing Spanish to life”.