Every learner at St Cuthbert’s studies Mathematics as it is a Core Subject in the National Curriculum. All of the learners are taught in ability sets, and we use Half termly assessments and CATS tests to decide on the most appropriate sets.


The Mathematics department comprises Maths specialist teachers and an evolving learning path that is adapted and differentiated to ensure the best progress from each learner. We start in year 7 with a programme that includes mastering key skills from Key Stage 2, and an introduction to new concepts. In Year 9, there is much more emphasis on preparing students for their GCSE, and our learners are entered into the most suitable Tier to stretch and challenge their learning. Students will also be expected to complete further learning tasks at home, which could include practise questions, research or completing past papers.


All of the Maths staff are full-time specialists:

Mr W Neill – Curriculum Leader for Mathematics

Ms K Moa – Second in Mathematics Department

Mr A Daly

Mr S Duffy

Mrs C Gordon

Mr S Graves

Mr P Roberts

Mrs C Winstanley

Mrs G Owen – Learning Support Assistant for Maths

Wherever possible and applicable to our learners, we would look to enhance their learning experience. This could take the form of an educational visit, a visiting speaker or a learning workshop lead by an external provider.

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