Religious Education

The RE department’s vision is to inspire and empower students to live out the Gospel values and become the ‘Good Samaritan’. Through an energizing and innovative curriculum, passionate teaching and positive role models, students are motivated and natured to become the ‘Good Samaritan’.

RE is an innovative and creative subject bringing religion alive for students. Learning takes place through a variety of means including using lego and plasticine, debate, use of QR codes and twitter. It is also a subject where students can share opinions and beliefs in a safe environment which allows them to become open minded and respectful to all. 


Some quotes from our Section 48 Inspection, June 2018:

  • "Pupils want to achieve because they value and enjoy Religious Education" 
  • "Inspired delivery and robust challenge engaged pupils"
  • "Teaching and learning in Religious Education that is at least consistenly good"


Department staff:

Miss  C Hughes: Curriculum Leader for Religious Education 

Mr M Bebb: Teacher of RE

Mrs K Johnson: Teacher of RE

Miss R  Kenny: Teacher of RE


To see this department's curriculum click here.


Religious Education Curriculum Overview

Year 7 Religious Education Progress Grid

Year 8 Physical Education Progress Grid

Year 10 Revision Lent 1

Slideshare - RE revision material

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