Maddi altar serving at the Cathedral

19 October 2017

Congratulations to Year 7 student Maddison L. and her younger brother Matthew who were both chosen by Archbishop Malcolm McMahon to be altar servers for himself and thirty priests from Liverpool archdiocese at the reception and Mass of the National Pilgrim Statue of Fatima and Veneration of relics of Saint Jacinta and Francisco on Friday, 6th October 2017 at the Metropolitan cathedral of Christ the King Liverpool.

They we’re both highly commended for their positive attitude and their excellent behaviour whilst serving at the mass.

After Mass, Mum said "It was an honour for them both to serve at the cathedral and we are extremely proud of them both.  Maddi was fantastic in her role at serving the Archbishop and afterwards in the sacristy she spoke highly of her new school St Cuthbert's with the Archbishop and exclaimed she loved her new school".


To thank her for being such a good ambassador for St Cuthbert's, Maddi this morning was presented with a prize of The Global History of Catholicism book by Mrs Twist, our Headteacher. Well done Maddi, we are very proud of you.


Maddi and Mrs Twist

Above: Maddi receiving her prize from Mrs Twist



Above: Maddi and Matthew at the Cathedral