Science is a practical subject that encompasses aspects of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The broad spectrum allows opportunities to plan and carry out practical investigations, explore biotechnology, discuss global issues and discuss the ethics of Science.

Science is a core subject studied by all students at KS3 and KS4. All students study topics within Biology, Chemistry and Physics. At KS4, students work towards GCSE's in dual award science.


  • Miss K Maysmor - Curriculum Leader Science
  • Mrs R Davies - Second in Science Department
  • Mrs D Barker-Knowles - Teacher of Science
  • Miss S Cahill – Teacher of Science
  • Mr A Cardoo – Teacher of Science
  • Mr C Stabler – Teacher of Science
  • Miss L Turnbull - Teacher of Science
  • Mrs J Norton – Senior Science Technician
  • Miss H Melling - Science Technician


Students at GCSE will complete end of chapter assessments for all topics covered. These will be marked using GCSE criteria and graded using the 9-1 system.

Students will sit mock exams in Biology, Chemistry and Physics in Year 10 & Year 11.


Curriculum Overview Science 2019

Year 7 Science Progress Grid

STEM Club (Year 7 & 8)

RSC Periodic Table