Daniel - Social Media Usage

16 March 2017


Today, I would like to discuss the issues of Social Media, for children under 16. Cyberbullying has been a growing issue in recent times, leading to some children committing suicide! However, isn’t Social Media about being connected with your friends? Having Fun? We will be looking at this further in this article…

Cyberbullying has been a fast-growing issue in recent times. 1 in 3 teenagers have experienced cyber threats online! Amazingly, over 16,000 students have been absent from school, because of bullying. Ask.FM has been the absolute worse Social Media for bullying online; in the past year Ask.FM has been linked to 9 teen suicides. Researchers have also found out that there are more negative comments, compared to positive comments, on this Social Media. Shockingly, 91% of people, in a general survey, said that no action was taken, after reporting cyberbullying!

In a survey, I asked 8 people of different ages – ranging from 8-72- if they had heard of specific Social Medias. All of the people I asked had heard of these 6 Social Medias: Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, Instagram and WhatsApp. The top 5 most popular Social Medias, however, are: 1. Facebook, 2. Twitter, 3. LinkedIn, 4. Pinterest and 5. Google+.


I interviewed my friend Amie (aged 11) and asked her some questions about Social Media…

Q1. Do you enjoy using Social Media and what do you do on it?

Yes, because you can post pictures and stay in contact with your friends.

Q2. Which Social Medias do you use and which are your favourites?

I really enjoy using Instagram, because I like taking pictures.

Q3. What are your views on Social Media being banned for under 16s?

I disagree, as children need to learn about the dangers of being online.

Q4. How do you use Social Media?

To see what celebrities are doing, as well as keeping in touch with my friends.

Q5. How long have you used Social Media?

For 12 months, at the start of Y6, when I was 10 years old.

Q6. Why do you think adults use Social Media?

Some adults use Social Media to advertise. They may keep in touch with friends.

Q7. Have you ever experienced Cyberbullying?

No, but I know somebody who was, on Instagram.


I also interviewed Paula Newcombe (aged 34)…

Q1. What are your views on the Social Media your child uses?

I don’t mind my child using Social Media, as long as I know what they are doing. We have talked about only talking to people you know on Social Media.

Q2. Do you use Social Media and what do you use it for?

Yes, I use Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter). I use it to stay in touch with my friends.

Q3. Why do you think children use Social Media?

I think children use Social Media to chat with friends and follow celebrities.

Q4. Have you ever experienced Cyber bullying?

No, but I have read a lot about it in the news.


Do you enjoy Social Media? Do you believe it should be banned? Well, I believe it shouldn’t banned because Social Media is an incredibly good way for children to stay in touch with their friends. However, I think all children should be EXTREMELY safe online!


By Daniel