Tips and tricks of enjoying your time at St Cuthbert's

07 June 2017

Tips and Tricks of High School


Starting High school can be extremely scary and worrying, however High school is absolutely amazing! This article is prominently aimed at Y6 students, moving up to secondary school. I will be telling you about some tips to enjoy your time at St Cuthbert’s…

  1. Make new friends, meet new people and bond with students, not from your original primary school.

  2. Don’t worry about being picked on.

  3. If you have any worries or concerns tell a teacher, they will make sure that you feel happy.

  4. Try new experiences and get involved with everything you possibly can.

  5. Work hard in classes and always try your best.

  6. Do your homework!

  7. Treat others, as you would like to be treated.

  8. Respect your classmates, your friends and your teachers.

  9. Go on school trips and go to extra-curricular clubs.

    And most importantly…

10. Enjoy every moment of Secondary School!!!

When I started at St Cuthbert’s I felt anxious. Nevertheless, by the end of the first week, I had made new friends and was enjoying my lessons. I was also enjoying learning about new things. Some of my favourite lessons include: Drama, Art, Science, Food Tech, History and Spanish. I am thoroughly enjoying my time at St Cuthbert’s and hope you enjoy your time here too.

By Daniel Macdonald 7IGS