My Amazing Awards Evening Experience.

18 October 2017

On Thursday 12th October, I was extremely lucky to attend the annual St Cuthbert’s awards evening, at St Anne’s church. I was very excited to go this prestigious event. Every subject leader explained what had been happening in their subject, last year. Then, the students’ head of years announced the winners. I was lucky enough to get 2 awards!

The first award that I won was the history award. I was extremely happy to get this award, as I really like history, because I found the subject extremely interesting. I also got the Ambassador of the year award. Miss Marshall and Mr Heywood believe that I am a good role model to represent St Cuthbert’s. I was extremely happy to get this award, because I moved schools at the beginning of last year to St Cuthbert’s. I love life at St Cuthbert’s and hope to continue enjoying my time here.

By Daniel Mac