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The Library is open to everyone at break and before and after school for homework and revision.

At lunchtime the library is open to specific year groups:

Monday and Tuesday - Year 7

Wednesday - Year 8

Thursday - Years 8 and 9

Friday - KS4


The Library is situated on the first floor of the Maths/Science/English block.



What's Happening?



Meet Our Library Ambassadors


These are some of our Ambassadors who range from Year 7, 8 and 9. At the moment, we have around 15 Ambassadors who were picked due to their high interest in the school library and their love of reading.

Their roles include:

  • Representing the library across the school and outside of school on trips and visits

  • Help the library in it's growth and promoting it 

  • Knowing our everchanging 'Books of the Month' and our 'Book Club Reads' 

  • Being friendly, welcoming and helpful to new students using the library's facilities

  • Creating a relationship with the local libraries as well as knowing what they have on offer to the general public

Written by Tyler B on Year 8 Work Experience in the Library.


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Links To Your Local Libraries

St Helens is buzzing with local libraries and has some fantastic resources and fun events on throughout the year.

From BorrowBox to magazines from RB Digital to Cultural Hubs to Shelf Help, find out more about what you can gain access to all for FREE by following them on Twitter and Instagram.



Featuring Books of the Month

January 2020


Click here to see January's Books of the Month.

December 2019

Our books for December were chosen by Ella C whilst on Work Experience in the Library.

November 2019

November's Books of the Month were all in celebration of  Remembrance Day and 100 years since we first started marking the occassion.



October 2019

October's books were the first ones in the series to start us off on our monthly adventures!

Events at the library

BASH Workshops

20th January 2020

Our Library Ambassadors after their trip to Parr Library.

Our Library Ambassadors after their trip to Parr Library.

This was our first visit to Parr Library with our Library Ambassadors as part of the annual Book Awards St Helens (BASH) scheme through the St Helens Library Service in the 11+ category.

The group enjoyed a range of icebreakers and games with one of the local librarians as a main group and in pairs, where they also discussed the five shortlisted BASH books in detail, using their critiquing and debating skills.


The five books are from a range of genres and authors which is a fantastic way for the students to discover new books and engage in books where they usually wouldn't do.

The shortlisted books include; Girl in the Window by Penny Joelson, Jelly by Jo Cotterill, The Boy Who Lied by Kim Slater, The House with Chicken Legs by Sophie Anderson and The Storm Keeper's Island by Catherine Doyle.



The students will continue to take part in a number of workshops at the local library over the next couple of months, where they will pick the ultimate winner of the BASH books in their category.


'Give the Gift a Book' Advent Calendar

1st - 20th December






As part of a countdown to Christmas, here at the library we decided to launch an Advent Calendar full of books! We asked Heads and Assistant Heads of Years to choose a student a day, who they believed to be most deserving to see what book was behind each door.

The winning students could then decide if they wanted to keep it for themselves to read or 'give the gift of a book'  to someone they knew.  









Year 8 Work Experience

November 2019

Every year, throughout their year in Year 8, students take part in Work Experience around the school in one chosen area. This year was the first time that the Library has taken part in and we had some fantastic students to help us out, who worked very hard and really enjoyed their time.


Tylor said: "I had a great time in the library for the day and found out a lot of information about libraries that I never even knew they had to do. I wanted to spend more time in there that it has made me even start going to 'Book Club' sometimes."

Leland said: "I found working in the library interesting and enjoyed organising the books and writing book reviews for other students to enjoy. I'm feel proud when I see my review on display in there."

Ella said: "I really loved my day in the library; it was so much fun learning to use the different systems of logging the books in and out. I'd do my day all over again!"


National Library Week

4th - 12th October

We celebrated Libraries Week 2019 with lots of activities and events at St Cuthbert's Library with this year's theme of celebrating the role libraries in a digital world. We joined the rest of the nation by showing what our much-loved library along with the innovative and diverse services and activities that we have on offer here at St Cuthbert's.

Take a look at what we did throughout the special week.

Spoken Word Poetry

On 10th October we celebrated World Mental Health Day with some Spoken Word Poetry. Each of our finalists spoke their truth about living in the digital age and what the 'Truth' means to them.


Our four finalists; Erin, Ella, Conor and Charlotte.

Our four finalists; Erin, Ella, Conor and Charlotte.


Make Your Mark Vote

Earlier this month, the whole school took part in 'Make Your Mark'. It gives young people aged 11-18 across the UK the opportunity to get involved and have their voices heard, by helping to decide what Members of the UK Youth Parliament should debate and vote on. 

During Library Week, our School Council from Years 8, 9 and 10 helped to count up the total number of votes on issues for the UK and devolved issues as well as local ones.









Some of the main issues were mental health, protecting the environment, welcoming refugees, tackling hate crime and child poverty as well as knife crime.

It was important for us, as a school, to take take part to show that voting is still so important in this digital world we now live in. 

National Poetry Day 

3rd October 2019


Thursday 3rd
October marked the 25th Anniversary of National Poetry Day and this year’s theme was ‘Truth’.

We encouraged students to get involved themselves by sharing poems that spoke a truth to them, either ones they had written themselves or ones they like via Twitter using #TellMeTheTruthAboutLife.

We then ran a competition for the ‘Best Poem’ and narrowed it down to four finalists who battled it out with some spoken word poetry on World Mental Health Day to speak their truth. Our Winner, Ella was decided by Mrs Twist, Miss Grimes and Miss Magee and won a copy of this year’s anthology of ‘Tell Me the Truth About Life’.


Our winner of our Poetry Competition, Ella with her prize, this year's anthology 'Tell Me The Truth About Life'.

Our winner of our Poetry Competition, Ella with her prize, this year's anthology 'Tell Me The Truth About Life'.

Upcoming Events


January - March 2020


BASH (Book Awards St Helens) is the annual book award scheme run by St Helens Library Service, where children and young people are encouraged to read the latest, modern and enticing fiction, written specially for them.

Some of our students have been invited to special events in January to discuss their favourite books so far. This scheme is a fantastic opportunity for them to meet their favourite authors and continue to help them develop their love of reading.

Through the series of local library based workshops they will develop their debating skills and critique the range of BASH books, which will lead them to vote for their favourite book and choose a winner.

Each year there is a special BASH celebration event at a local library in March, when the winning title is announced by a prominent children's author.


Valentine's Day

14th February 2020


Valentine's Day, also called Saint Valentine's Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, honouring one or two early saints named 'Valentinus'.  

It is recognised as a significant cultural, religious and commercial celebration of romance and romantic love in many regions around the world.

The theme for our 'Books of the Month' for February is 'Love and Relationships', Love People. NOT things.'

World Book Day

5th March

On the lead up to and on the day of World Book Day we will be celebrating all things books and reading! Keep an eye out across all of our socials and see how you can get involved.