Merseytravel bus services from 22 April 2018

Firstly, thank you for all your feedback via MyEd, e-mail and social media regarding the changes to services proposed by Merseytravel.

Following a meeting with representatives from the business development team at Merseytravel today we can now update you with the bus services which will come into effect from 22 April 2018.

These are amended routes since the original proposals and can be found here.  The capacity previously on the morning routes was 107 and on the afternoon routes was 81.  The capacity on the new routes to and from school will be 140.

We will be monitoring the situation before and after the changes. A member of school staff will make the journey to and from school on all routes pre and post 22 April 2018.  Representatives from Merseytravel will be doing the same.

Click here for the bus timetables and routes from 22 April 2018


Mrs Twist

11 April 2018