Class of 2015 GCSE Results

20 August 2015

We are delighted and extremely proud of St Cuthbert's students.


All of our young people have worked extremely hard throughout the year and they have been supported by our dedicated staff team and the fantastic parents who entrust their children to our care.

This year we are celebrating no only individual's GCSE achievements but improved GCSE results in many subjects: Chemistry, Physics, IT, Drama, History and PE. In particular our Maths GCSE results have improved significantly and are now in line with the National average.

St Cuthbert's is at a turning point in its journey, from a new name, badge and image to a renewed determination and aspiration for every student to achieve the highest standards not just in examination results but in the skills and attributes needed to succeed in whatever they do in the future and to be able to live life in all it's fullness.undefined

There are many exciting opportunities planned for September, so please join us on our Open Evening in Thursday 10th of September.