We are St Cuthbert's

06 July 2015

St Cuthbert’s has a long and proud history and it is was intention to reflect our heritage and traditions in the development of the St Cuthbert’s brand, to ensure that the unique character and ethos of the school was well defined and clearly communicated to its various stakeholders.  

It was envisaged that the brand development project would move St Cuthbert’s visual identity forward, away from a purely functional logo, to a lively, engaging and appropriate brand, that inspires the school community (past, present and future) and enthuses the external groups that influence the success of the school (e.g. the local authority, Ofsted, the Archdiocese, funding bodies, commercial partners, etc).

The project had the following key objectives:

  • To develop a clean, modern brand, which reflects the school’s active, close knit and supportive community.
  • To develop a brand that ‘feels right’ and imbues a sense of the school’s Catholic ethos, and the unique values held by its pupils, staff and parents.

The fresh new brand for St Cuthbert’s would be rolled out across our whole look:  uniform, prospectus, signage and a brand new website. 

The website would be the place where the St Cuthbert’s brand lives online and will reflect the ethos and characteristics of the school community it serves. The brief for the website was to:

  • To create a high quality, visually appealing website which provides a more engaging experience for users and a platform for members of the community to access important information, engage with each other and contribute to school life
  • To celebrate the achievements of the school, its staff and students
  • To acknowledge the contributions made by members of the school community
  • To communicate the values, beliefs and personality of the school to its various stakeholders
  • To reveal the range of positive experiences that pupils benefit from during their school career

A number of key stakeholders were interviewed as part of the preparation for brand definition, including students, governors, employees, external agencies and suppliers. This information was collated and analysed and produced some revealing perspectives by audience.