Awards Evening 2017

13 October 2017

Students, parents and invited guests came together at St Anne’s and Blessed Dominic Church, Sutton last night to celebrate our annual Awards Evening.

A number of students received prizes for achievement and commitment in the classroom, and their contribution to wider school life.

Curriculum Leaders presented prizes to students in each year group and Heads of Year presented Student of the Year and Ambassador of the Year awards to students in their respective year groups.

During two intervals we were entertained by our own school rock band, The Undecided and last year's Y11 student Natasha H.

Our Headteacher, Mrs Twist presented her Headteacher award to Y11 student Jayne H.

Our special guests for the evening included The High Sheriff of Merseyside, Mr Stephen Burrows and Lady Kirsty Pilkington.

Our final award, The Spirit of St Cuthbert's was awarded to Jessica C and was presented to her by The High Sheriff of Merseyside.


Click on the image below to view our Flickr album for all photographs from last night:


Annual Awards Evening 2017

Interval performances:


Full list of award winners below:


English Curriculum Y7

Jessica M.


Mathematics Curriculum Y7

Jodie R.


Science Curriculum Y7

Taylor B.


RE Curriculum Y7

Kyle H.


History Curriculum Y7

Daniel M.


Geography Curriculum  Y7

Phoebe B.


English Curriculum  Y8

Lauren H.


Mathematics Curriculum  Y8

Reece F.


Science Curriculum Y8

Tom W.


RE Curriculum Y8

Ella H.


History Curriculum Y8

Chloe M.


Geography Curriculum Y8

Keane G.


English Curriculum Y9

Ben S.


Mathematics Curriculum Y9

Ellie-May R.


Science Curriculum Y9

Tegan P.


RE Curriculum Y9

Ethan K.


History Curriculum Y9

Jess B.


Geography Curriculum Y9

Seth R.


English Curriculum Y10

Olivia M.


Mathematics Curriculum Y10

Megan Cr.


Science Curriculum Y10

Jayne H.


RE Curriculum Y10

Codie W.


History Curriculum Y10

Ellie J.


Geography Curriculum Y10

Connor O'N.


English Curriculum Y11

Callum H. and

Natasha H.





Mathematics Curriculum Y11

Louise W.


Science Curriculum Y11

Ellie C.


RE Curriculum Y11

Zak A.


History Curriculum Y11

Stacey C.


Geography Curriculum Y11

Ariandi T.-O.


Modern Languages Curriculum Y7

Emma D.


Computing Curriculum Y7

Adam C.


Design Technology Curriculum Y7

Chardonnay M.


Food Curriculum Y7

Josh R.


Art Curriculum Y7

Thea S.


PE Curriculum Y7

Chloe B.


Music Curriculum Y7

Maddie C.


Drama Curriculum Y7

Harry H.


Modern Languages Curriculum Y8

Shana R.


Computing Curriculum Y8

Thomas W.


Design Technology Curriculum Y8

Aaron W.


Food Curriculum Y8

Ruby F.


Art Curriculum Y8

Ben B.


PE Curriculum Y8

Hollie J.


Music Curriculum Y8

Saul D.


Drama Curriculum Y8

Rebecca L.


Modern Languages Curriculum Y9

Daniel W.


Computing Curriculum Y9

Joshua B.


Design Technology Curriculum Y9

Charlotte H.


Food Curriculum Y9

Naomi L.


Art Curriculum Y9

Ellie M.


PE Curriculum Y9

Leah S.


Music Curriculum Y9

Alyssa C.


Drama Curriculum Y9

Mollie N.


Modern Languages Curriculum Y10

Lucy R.


Computing Curriculum Y10

Declan S.


Design Technology Curriculum Y10

Megan J.


Food Curriculum Y10

Jack B.


Art Curriculum Y10

Nicole R.


PE Curriculum Y10

Mathew H.


Music Curriculum Y10

Dan B.


Drama Curriculum Y10

Briony K.


Health & Social Care Curriculum Y10

Ellie R.


Modern Languages Curriculum Y11

Jordan S.


Computing Curriculum Y11

Joshua D.


Design Technology Curriculum Y11

Ben H.


Food Curriculum Y11

Josh L.


Art Curriculum Y11

Neve S.


PE Curriculum Y11

Katie G.


Music Curriculum Y11

Jess P.


Drama Curriculum Y11

Sophie J.


Health & Social Care Curriculum Y11

Kaitlyn L.


Student of the Year - Y7

Jessica M.


Ambassador of the Year - Y7

Daniel M.


Student of the Year - Y8

Reece F.


Ambassador of the Year - Y8

Maddison M.


Student of the Year - Y9

Jessica B.


Ambassador of the Year - Y9

Jess E.


Student of the Year - Y10

Jade C.


Ambassador of the Year - Y10

Molly McK.


Student of the Year - Y11

Louise W.


Ambassador of the Year - Y11

Ben K.


Headteacher's Award

Jayne H.

Jessica Davies Prize

Lucy R.

Carl Eriksson Scholarship

Chloe A.

100% Attendance over 5 years

 Grace W.


100% Attendance over 5 years

Megan S.


100% Attendance over 5 years

Brandon L.


100% Attendance over 5 years

Angel A.


Community Award

Mersey Forsest

Friend of St Cuthbert's

Michelle Green

Spirit of St Cuthbert's

Jessica C.