GCSE Results 2017: We're all about celebrating!

24 August 2017

St Cuthbert’s are celebrating great results and some excellent individual achievements this year - including the first wave of new 9-to-1 grades.


54% of students achieved 5 standard GCSE passes including English and Maths, consolidating the improvements we are constantly making. The first results of revised GCSEs in English and Maths saw 72% of students achieve the standard pass in English and 58% in Maths. There were fantastic results in other subjects too with 100% of students achieving grades A*-C in Music and Chemistry. There were significant improvements in Religious Education and History.


These results are a testimony to the hard work and determination of the students and staff at St Cuthbert’s, not just in the new-style exams, beginning with English and Maths but the changes to the specifications in other subjects to make them more demanding.


Our 2017 students have worked tirelessly with staff in order to embrace these changes to ensure they have the very best opportunities in life; stress-busting activities, a focus on health and wellbeing, breakfast sessions, extra lessons after school and in term breaks, additional mock examinations and group revision study have all supported students in preparation for their examinations.


All students have now been offered places in further education or employment.


Highlight stories


There have been a number of outstanding achievements from individual students. Not least in January of this year – just months before she was due to sit her final GCSE examinations -  Jessica Chisnall was walking home having finished school for the day, when a scrambler bike was in collision with her. The depth of some of her injuries were such that her family were unsure how this would affect her in the future. However, with the support of her family, school, medical staff and Jessica’s pure grit and determination, she was able to sit all of her GCSEs this summer. We wish her well on her long road to recovery.


Other significant achievements include:


  • Stacey Collins, Tayleur Cross, Natasha Hayes and Callum Hughes who achieved the top grades of 9 or 8 in their English/Maths examinations
  • Natasha Hayes – 9 passes including 4A*s, 2As, 9, 8 and 7. Going to Carmel College to study Biology, Chemistry and Maths
  • Callum Hughes – 8 passes including A*, 3As, B, 9, 2x8s, Level 2 Distinction *. Studying further Maths at Cowley 6th Form.
  • Ariandi Taylor-Owen – 9 passes including A*, 4As, B, 2x7s, 6, Level 2 Distinction*. Studying Geography, Textiles and Graphic Design at Carmel College.
  • Angel Atherton – 9 passes including 2As, 2Bs, 2Cs, 2x7s and 6. Carmel College to study Chemistry, Biology and Psychology.
  • Stacey Collins – 10 passes including 3A*, 2As, 2Cs, 8, and 2x7s. Studying Chemistry, Biology and Maths/History at Carmel College.
  • Katie Goldthorpe – 9 passes including A*, A, 4Bs, 7, 2 x 6s studying A levels English, History & Sociology at Cronton College.
  • Mark Jackson – 9 passes including 4As, B, 2Cs, 7, 6 Studying PE, Chemistry, Physics and Maths at Cronton College.
  • Daniel Lawrence – 8 passes including 4As, 2x6s, 5 and Level 2 Distinction. Going to Carmel College to study Biology, Chemistry and Business.
  • Iara Oliveira – 10 passes including A*, 2As, 3Bs, 2x7s, 6 and Level 2 Distinction*. Studying Maths at Cronton.
  • Jordan Smith – 10 passes including A*, 5As, B, 7, 6, 5. Studying at Carmel College in Biology, Chemistry and Computer Science.
  • Neve Sykes – 10 passes including 2A*s, 2As, 2Bs, C, 7, 2x6s. Studying Chemistry, Biology & History at Carmel College.


Mrs Catherine Twist, Headteacher said “There have been concerns over numerical grading and questions about a system that will have two different types of pass grade but today is the day when the St Cuthbert’s family celebrate our students’ last five years with us and all their achievements. We wish them the best of luck as they move on and encourage them to continue to “Live life in all its fullness”. As we adjust to a different style of qualification I am delighted with this year’s results and look forward to continuing on our journey to outstanding”.



Students celebrating with Mrs Twist, Jordan Smith, Daniel Lawrence,
Mark Jackson, Angel Atherton, Natasha Hayes and Hannah Bergado



Mark Jackson 



 Iara Oliveira with Miss Turton in the background



Neve Sykes 



Mr Chisnall, Jessica Chisnall and Mrs Twist 



 Miss Feeney and Callum Hughes


 Stacey Collins


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GCSE Results Day 2017