Today sees the launch of this year's Summer Health Festival. 

The theme of this year’s festival is Positive Mental Health where we’re looking at building emotional resilience and overcoming barriers such as emotional troubles, disability awareness, bullying, hate crime and its effects on victims. As a school we are committed to developing our students’ physical and emotional wellbeing. Never more so than now has it been so important to equip our young people with the tools and strategies to support a happy, healthy lifestyle.  

These will be delivered in a series of workshops and events throughout the week.  As it’s also our 60th anniversary year, we’re also challenging each form to complete a 60 mile team challenge during the fun run session!

The celebrations culminate on Friday 22nd June with an off-curriculum day when we’re holding a market place outdoors during the lunch time period where the students have the opportunity to visit stalls run by, among others, GULP!, GoActive, BeUrBest, Smoking Cessation Team and school nurses. The students will also be able to tuck in to a refreshing smoothie prepared by headteacher, Mrs Twist using the ever-popular ‘smoothie-bike’!