Awards Evening 2018

Awards Evening 2018

Awards Evening 2018

Our Awards Evening for Academic year 2018 -2017 was a wonderful celebration of the gifts, talents and hard work of our Students. Students, staff and proud parents gathered at St Anne's Church to celebrate. Father Phillip Swanson led us all in an opening prayer, after which our Yr11. Senior Team hosted. 

We had speeches from every curriculum area, fabulous musical interludes from our 'Rock Band', Mollie N (also Head Girl), and Jessica F. Finally Year Awards and Individual Awards. 

Year 7 Curriculum Awards

English: Ali O

ML: Stephen A

Maths: Katie C

Science: Jessica N

RE: Alisha W

History: Ella T

Geography: S

Technology: Wiktoria P, Layla H and Isobelle B

Art: Ellie May B

PE: Maddi L

Music: James H

Drama: Thomas F


Year 8 Curriculum Awards

English: Marissa H

ML: Jack B

Maths: Ellie L

Science: Josh S

RE: Amy H

History:  Hughie O

Geography: Daniel M

Technology: Daniel M, Kornelia S and Xander E

Art: Helena B

PE: Chloe B

Music: Taylor B

Drama: Jessica M


Year 9 Curriculum Awards

English: Hannah L

ML: Brandon J

Maths: Jess S

Science: Samantha L

RE: Ellen May H

History: Chloe A

Geography: Recce F

Technology: Sonny H, Aaron W and Roxanne B

Art: Ben B

PE: Maddison M

Drama: Lauren H



Year 10 Curriculum Awards

English: O

ML: Jessica D

Maths: Molly K

Science:  Jess F

RE: Chloe H

History:  Vlad A

Geography:  Olivia B

Technology: Jake W, Seth S and Brandon S

Art: Alfie L

PE: Daniel W

Music: Alyssa Co

Drama: Mollie N



Year 11 Curriculum Awards

English: Martyna W

ML: Ryan O

Maths: Megan C

Science: Shanice T

RE: Megan H

History:  Libbie J

Geography: Connor O

Technology: Declan S, Megan J

and Jack B

Art: Lucy R

PE:  Robbie A

Health & Social Care: Codie W

Music: Daniel Brough

Drama: Taylor O

Individual Awards

Year 7 Student of the Year - Faye D

Year y Ambassador of the Year - Mollie N

Year 8 Student of the Year - Phoebe B

Year 8 Ambassador of the Year - Chloe B

Year 9 Student of the Year - Ben B

 Year 9 Ambassador of he Year - Mia B

Year 10 Student of the Year - Olivia B

Year 10 Ambassador of the Year - Mollie N

Year 11 Student of the Year - Ryan O

Year 11 ambassador of the Year - Lucy R

Head Teacher's Award - Doninic C

Attendance Award - Phillip H

Community Award - PC Mark Pender

Friend of St Cuthbert Award - Governor Harvey