What's Cooking?

What's Cooking?

Things are really heating up in the Food Preparation and Nutrition Department this half term. 

Year 9 Students have developed their own recipes using bread dough as the starting point. Which one do you like the best? Pizza Express watch out!

Take a carrot and look at what you can do….Yr 9 Students have also been working hard on their Knife Skills this term. We are rather proud of them.



Year 11 Students have been working on looking at how the type of fat you use to make Shortcrust Pastry affects its Appearance, Taste and Texture! Just in case you are wondering…. Butter and Lard used as a combination produces the best results!

If all of this activity has you itching to don your oven mitts then why not have a go at our 'Bake Off' Challenge? See below for details.