Sports Day and Whole School Activity Day

18 July 2018

Yesterday, the whole school joined together for a fun-filled sports day and whole school activity day.

During the morning, students not competing in the Sports Dy were invovled in the Whole School Activity Day comprising of a fun quiz organised and compered by Mr Atherton and also watched an educational film.  In the afternoon all students were out on the field either competing or cheering their House. 

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Here's a list of results from Sports Day - congratulations to all our competitors and especially the winners.


Y7: Tom S & Tia L
Y8: Lewis O & Rebecca B
Y9: McKenzie-J P-G & Savannah W
Y10: Michael C & Jodie F

Y7: Luke A & Beth H
Y8: Tom R & Chardonnay M
Y9: McKenzie B & Chloe B 
Y10: Flynn R & Learh S

Long Jump:
NEW RECORD! Congrats to McKenzie B in Y9 who broke a 6 year old record in the Long Jump. His new record is 5m.

Y7: Michael U & Julia S
Y8: Aidan K & Jodie K 
Y9: Keane G & Chloe B 
Y10: Callum B & Libby C

Aron C ran for Dignity in the Y8 1500m... then filled in for a Y10 student in their 1500m just 20 minutes later. Well done, Aron!

Winning Relay Teams:

4x60m relay
Y7 Boys - Faith
Y7 Girls - Dignity
Y8 Boys & Girls - Hope
Y9 & 10 Boys - Dignity

4x300m mixed relay
Y7+8 - Hope
Y9+10 - Dignity

Here are the sprint Kings & Queens who won the 100m:
Y7: Tom S & Ruby F
Y8: Tom R & Jodie R
Y9: Keane G & Ellie S 
Y10: Matthew M & Jodie H

High Jump
Holly M won the Y9 Girls High Jump and we had the unusual situation of a tie for second place - Freya & Sgarna just couldn’t be separated

The winners of the 1500m races:
Y7: Tom S & Libby W
Y8: Daniel T & Georgia H
Y9: Keane G & Sharna R
Y10: Michael C & Chloe B

Final Results:
1st place - Hope House, 960 points
2nd place - Faith House, 952 points
3rd place - Dignity House, 945 points 
4th place - Unity House, 790

Congratulations to Hope House who snuck in to 1st place thanks to a dip on the line by Libby C in the final event. Always run to the tape, folks!


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More photos have been posted on our Social Media