Praise Wall

Lewis Martin

Congratulations Lewis on being named Man of the Match at last night's Year 11 Rugby Cup Final. Brilliant effort!

Year 11 Rugby Team

Congratulations boys on a exciting game, Great effort and determination. A draw in the end so we share the trophy with Hope!

Yr 8 RE1

Some great songs and poems from my year 8 class today about respect. Well done to those of you who were brave enough to read them out in front of the class. Extra special thanks to Adam who shared a personal and moving piece!

Sarah and Selina

A huge well done to Sarah and Selina for talking in assemblies this week about their new project of 'Peer Listeners'. You did great!

Students and staff who helped with Faith House cake sale

Thanks to all the students and staff who helped with Faith House cake sale today, especially Georgina Martin who did all the arrangements. We raised £50 for our house charity HCPT.

73 - RE

Well done to my Year 7 RE class who presented, in front of their class, 'top quality' presentations detailing their views and opinions about ' The Kingdom of God/ Heaven'! Excellent effort! Miss Kenny :)

the Year 8 MAMs

Ben, Jodie, Learh and Aimee have been absolutely fantastic this term in their mentor sessions, completing extra work and transferring their knowledge brilliantly into their English lessons! Keep it up! Mrs Branch

Year 11 RE

Amazing results in RE assessments. You know who you are!!! Keep up the good work, keep REvising and do me proud on results day!! :) :) :) :)

All those who had special jobs at yesterday's Mass

Thanks to Miss Hughes, Mrs Gifford, Fr Phil, our readers, our band and our singers for their contributions to yesterday's Mass.

Everyone at today's Mass

A huge thank you to everyone for your contribution to today’s mass. It was a delightful experience for all of us at the end of a very busy term. Mrs Twist

All the performers at the christmas music festival

We would like to thank all the people who performed at the christmas music festival to raise money for Alder hay and Teenage cancer trust! In support of Matthew Lee.

Spotlight Performers

Congratulations to all the students (past and present) who took part in the magnificent Christmas Spotlight Concert 2015. What a talented troupe of performers you all are.

St Helens College Performing Arts

Great to see past students, now at St Helens College, performing in a 'drug & alcohol' awareness play this afternoon. A really engaging and interesting play, which definitely got the message across as feedback was very positive.

Rebecca Lawton and Demi-Lee Rea

Congratulations to Rebecca and Demi-Lee who were among a group of Girl Guides and their leaders who visited the WA12Radio studios last Thursday evening to do a little "live broadcasting".

Our office staff and caretakers

Thank you to the brilliant team that put up and decorated the Christmas trees, from Christopher Waine in Year 7