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Remembering our loved ones at Christmas with special thoughts and messages

Light up a Life

Pray for the kids who are lonely at Christmas xx

Shannon Axon

pray for all those who are in need

Mia Ankers

pray for those in need

nicole mcmenamy

pray for those without a present or food on Christmas an think about those who wont be getting as much as you

jodie duffy (1)

Please pray for a world that is struggling. Terrorism and deaths cast fear but in Britain we can forget the horrific things people experience around the world. We are wishing for expensive gifts at Christmas when others just wish to be safe.


Pray for Paris and for all of the other countries who are being affected by terrorism.

Anonymous (5)

Please pray for my nan who has short term memory loss ... X


Please pray for all the soldiers who died in war x


Please pray for everybody in school to do their best at everything they can do, love this school loads xx

billie chisnall

pray for my nan who sadly passed away on Halloween and to all my family to stay strong, we love you nanny mags xox

katelynn (1)

Please pray for all who've been in the plane 7k 9268 that fell in Egypt this morning. God Bless You!


Please pray for victims of domestic violence. As we approach Christmas, some women and children will end up in a refuge, possibly in a town different to their home town. I pray that they will be safe and will settle into a new and happier life.


pray for all those in need please..... xx

ellie clare

Please pray for those people who don't have food and are dying with no water and no shelter. Also for my Mum who sadly passed away in 2013 New Years Eve when she was only 28. I'd also like to say for the migrants who are travelling to Germany & countries :

Andrew M .