Sacred Time

Collective worship is known as Sacred Time at St Cuthbert’s. Each year group has a Collective Sacred Time assembly once a week together. These sessions are planned and delivered by different members of teaching staff and groups of students from across the school.


All students start each day with Sacred Time because it is an embedded part of our morning form time routine. Our programme for Sacred Time allows our students to explore their own spirituality and faith through a calendar of themes that follow the Liturgical Calendar of the Church. Sacred Time is linked to real life situations and issues that are relevant to our young people. All students can engage and access the resources no matter what their belief or world view.


Other opportunities to engage in prayer and worship are on offer through our calendar of Masses, liturgies and celebrations throughout the year such as year Welcome Mass and Year 11 Leaver’s Mass. A ‘prayer and chat’ session is held weekly within the chapel. This is a creative prayer experience, planned by our Chaplaincy Leaders that is open to all. Fr. Swanson, our Chair of Governors, visits school regularly and leads acts of worship for Holy Days of obligation, end of term celebrations and key liturgical seasons.


St Cuthbert’s Day is always a highlight of the school year. This is the day we remember and celebrate our patron Saint. On this day our students investigate the story of St Cuthbert and what life lessons we can learn from him. Mass is offered in the Chapel at lunchtime and the day usually ends with a treat from staff and students.


One annual event that enables our students to explore our school mission is our Values Day. Last year, students followed a different timetable and got to experience a variety of workshops for outside agencies. We welcomed One Hope Project, CAFOD, Mary’s Meals, Chip Kendall, Our Warm Welcome and Mark 10 Mission. Students learnt about what our school values of Community, Commitment, Compassion and Courage mean, where they come from, why they are important and how we can put them into action every day. We finished the day by coming together as a whole school community to celebrate mass.


‘I really understood what our core values mean after Values Day. It was so interesting listening to some of the charity speakers and I enjoyed the different sessions in form. Chip Kendal was amazing! He really inspired me.’ – Dan year 9


In response to parent(s)/carer(s) voice, please click the link below to view our Sacred Time resources.  You will be able to join us as one community in praying and reflecting on certain themes throughout the year.

Sacred Time Resources


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