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Useful Links

Speakers for Schools: 

Speakers for Schools are excited to present a weekly VTalks schedule! This schedule will be updated weekly and talks will be targeted to different age groups and is accessible if you click here.

Here is next week’s live broadcast schedule and upcoming talks.

Live broadcasts are a great way for students to hear directly from leading figures from a range of industries, and have the opportunity to ask questions via a moderated Q&A. Please feel free to share with your staff and students! Please note that you have to register your students in advance.






Monday 16th May 2-2:45pm

Green Skills Week: Sebastian Munden, Executive Vice President & General Manager, Unilever UK & Ireland


For KS4-5/S4-6

Are you passionate about taking action to improve the health of the planet? So is Sebastian Munden, Executive Vice President & General Manager, Unilever UK & Ireland. During this broadcast you will learn about and careers in sustainability and how Unilever is working with brands to invent innovative ways to reduce plastic pollution.


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Tuesday 17th May 2-2:45pm

Bridget Prentice, Former Government Minister and Electoral Commissioner


For KS3/S1-3

Don't miss out on our broadcast for students in KS3. Find out how you can develop your leadership skills, confidence and prepare for KS4. This broadcast is designed to help you to continue to become an independent learner throughout the rest of your time in school and beyond.


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Friday 20th May 2-2:45pm

Paul Barber, Chief Executive and Deputy Chairman, Brighton and Hove Albion Football Club


For KS3-5/S1-6

It is ok to make mistakes, in fact, learning from failure is often the key to success! Join us to find out how you can learn from your mistakes and how working hard combined with some determination can help you in your future career.


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Monday 6th June 10-10:45am

Volunteer Week - Power of Youth: Ian Adams, Director of NHS Resolution, Charity Trustee and former Lord Mayor of Westminster and Matthew Reed, Chief Executive, Marie Curie


For KS3-5/S1-6

Where can volunteering take you? Join us to learn about the possibilities and opportunities that volunteering brings and how to make the most out of your volunteering experiences. We will also be sharing exciting news about how you can get involved with volunteering opportunities with Speakers for Schools!


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Tuesday 7th June 2-2:45pm

Predict 22 talk: Dr. Tim Minshall, Dr John C Taylor Professor of Innovation, University of Cambridge Institute for Manufacturing


For KS4-5/S4-6

Details TBC




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Wednesday 8th June 10-10:45am




Green Skills Week: Judy Ling Wong CBE, Honorary President, Black Environment Network & Chair, Green Apprenticeships Advisory Group


For KS3/S1-3

Are you considering applying for an apprenticeship in the future? Have you considered a green apprenticeship where you will be helping to play a role in getting the UK's carbon emissions to net-zero by 2050? Join our broadcast to find out how you can make a difference in your future career.


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Thursday 9th June 2-2:45pm




Predict 22 talk: Tech for Good Baroness Martha Lane Fox, Entrepreneur


For KS3-5/S1-6

Details TBC



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Monday 13th June 2-2:45pm





Predict 22 talk: What is Machine Learning? Doug Gurr, Director, The Natural History Museum & Former UK Country Manager, Amazon


For KS3-5/S1-6





Springpod offers virtual work experience opportunities for students aged 14-18 years old. Gain experience with the top employers in the UK. Free and live programmes in the most sought after industries.  Programmes include an array of subject areas from politics and journalism to fashion and engineering.

Connect with world-leading organisations, including

Meet employers, do the work - get noticed

  • Live workshops with employers - Meet professionals in interactive workshops.
  • Real work with real teams - Work on projects and assignments to show employers what you can do.
  • Get ahead with new skills & knowledgeLearn new skills and develop industry knowledge.
  • Build your profileEarn certificates and build a portfolio of work that will make your personal statement and CV stand out.


Click here to view a full list of programmes on offer.



National Teen Book Club

A fantastic opportunity for young people interested in boosting their English grades and/or careers in writing and publishing. Share a reading experience, hear from inspirational leading figures from the literary world and become a published author in our virtual library! This placement runs for five weeks starting on Wednesday 10th November 3:30-4:30pm. Sign up here to gain access to discounted copies of our next book, Chinglish by Sue Cheung.





Doctors Live - Interactive Virtual Anatomy Club

Doctors Live is a team of doctors passionate about inspiring the next generation of students into a career in Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, and Allied Health Professions. It runs a weekly interactive anatomy club covering live virtual dissections of the human body, discussing how the systems of the body work and what could go wrong. Please note that there are costs associated with enrolling onto this club.


They are starting the next anatomy club for this academic year in November 2021. These sessions have run throughout the pandemic and received great feedback, and would like to offer more students the chance to gain an insight into a career as a medical professional. It ensures the sessions are fun, interactive, and accessed online from the comfort of the students' home. Each session will cover an organ system and delve into:

  1. How the organ system works
  2. What could go wrong
  3. Live virtual operations
  4. Live practical examinations
  5. Reviewing anonymised real-life cases and scans


The sessions are perfect for any student aged 14+ interested in a career in healthcare and certificates will be provided for participation.


The sessions run live every Thursday from 6pm until 8pm, covering a new system each week. The complete program runs for 12 weeks (covering the 12 organ systems) from November 2021 to January 2022. Recordings of the session will also be available on demand to rewatch later. 


Please note, places are limited to a first come first serve basis. To learn more about the club and how you can sign up, please visit:


University of Cambridge - Magdalene College Newsletter - May 2021

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Shaping Futures

Shaping Futures launched an 8-Week online IAG programme.

Click here to see the full schedule. 

Shaping Futures The Brilliant Club's Scholar Programme for Y10 students - information for parents here.



The WOW Show

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Cambridge University Engineering Society - Online Access Week

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Oxbridge Schools Liaison 

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Key Stage 3 (Year 7-9) 

Key Stage 4 (Year 10-11) 
Meta-Cognitive Learning Strategies
Subject Matters: A-Levels, Degrees, Careers

Other useful resources from the Oxbridge Schools Liaison:

Super-Curricular Suggestions Document

Oxford and Cambridge Student Conferences Webinars 

Advancing Access


Royal Air Force Apprenticeships

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The virtual resources are bitesize sessions, and will have a focus each week to help you develop your employability as well as knowledge around aviation. 

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Subject Specific Opportunities

Please find additional careers resources to support home learning below: