Literacy in Science

Key Words

  • Thermometer
  • Temperature
  • Anomalous
  • Independent
  • Dependent
  • Variable
  • Repeatable
  • Resolution

Common Blog Features

Blogs (shortened from the term web log) can use any layout and can cover many different topics, but they all have basic characteristics in common.

Blogs are a cross between online news articles and a diary entry and, as such, can be informal and opinionated.


  • Plan your content beforehand including the order of your opinions and the content of each paragraph.

  • Make sure your blog has a title that describes or relates to the content of the entry.

  • Hook your reader with an engaging headline.

  • Keep the reader’s attention with your introduction.

  • Create a suitably informal “chatty” tone throughout, which will engage your reader.

  • Make sure your blog post flows smoothly (and logically) from the introduction through the problem all the way to the solution and call to action.

  • A conclusion should do a couple of things:

1. Resolve the problem.

2. Summarize what you said.

3. Suggest action that the reader can take.