The Melrose Centre is an educational provision for students who are unable to access mainstream education for a number of different reasons, or who are unsuited to the mainstream provision on offer.

"Leaders ensure that behaviour is well managed around the school. Teachers use sanctions and rewards appropriately. The school's inclusion base, The Melrose Centre, is used effectively to help pupils manage their own behaviour." Ofsted, July 2022

Policy Statement

The Melrose Centre will run alongside and compliment the school's embedded Behaviour Policy; it will be an ever-evolving process, which is part of the school's ethos and strategic vision.

For those students who persistently fall short of expected standards, and when all other avenues have been tried, they will be referred to The Melrose Centre.  Here, students will have time to reflect on their choice of behaviour whilst giving them tangible strategies for future use.  Students’ engagement in the programme will determine their length of placement in The Centre.  Individual needs will continue to be met, students will have access to a curriculum and teaching methods appropriate to their needs.  

The school recognises that there is a need to ensure that our curriculum is inclusive and accessible, providing opportunities for all students to succeed. Moreover, we recognise the need to offer the type of provision that allows some students to achieve their potential in a different learning environment.

To facilitate this individual learning pathway, students who have struggled to reach their potential in a school based environment, will access The Melrose Centre.



  • To ensure that a suitable alternative provision is offered/given to students who are unable to access mainstream education at StCuthberts.

Referral Criteria

  • Student referred to The Melrose Centre on the basis that this provision is more appropriate for them.
  • Student referred to The Melrose Centre for up to 3 days as an alternative to a Fixed Term Exclusion.
  • Student referred to The Melrose Centre for 2 weeks to modify behaviour, work with Melrose staff on positive behaviour strategies and continue learning and accessing education.
  • Student at risk of permanent exclusion will be referred to The Melrose Centre for a stated period of time to modify behaviour, work was Melrose staff on positive behaviour strategies, and continue learning and accessing education.


Referral Process


  • Referral to The Melrose Centre will be via a panel of stakeholders made up of a combination of Head teacher, Assistant Head teacher, Inclusion Governor, Melrose Staff and Head of Year.
  • The panel will decide on the initial timescale and review points as well as any possible exit strategy.
  • The contract will be signed by all interested parties including the student and parent/carer.
  • A timetable will be provided for the student to outline the structure of their day and the learning they will be engaging in.
  • Where necessary, links will be made with the SEN department and Farne Centre and collaboration given to referrals to external agencies.
  • Students will be made aware of expectations in forms of learning and behaviour, and Attitude to Learning will form a key part in reviews and possible reintegration strategies.
  • Restorative work will take place with student to ensure they are aware of the impact their behaviours have had on themselves and on others learning.
  • This work will be on going whilst in The Melrose Centre and will provide students with the strategies required to enable them to make successful reintegration back into mainstream education.
  • A structured exit strategy will be completed prior to (phased) re-entry back to mainstream lessons.

Further information about The Melrose Centre will be added to this page shortly.


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