Year 8

Year 8

Miss Liz Bowler
Head of Year 8 and Teacher of English

Mrs Tina Hunter
Assistant Head of Year 8

Year 8 Motto: Work hard, dream big

Please click here for your Return to School After Self-Isolating form.

Knowledge Organisers

All our Year 8 students will receive a Knowledge Organiser booklet.  There will be a new Knowledge Organiser each half term.

Click the links below to download the pdf versions of the Knowledge Organisers

Other Year 8 Resources

Here students will find links to the resources and information provided for their year group by their teachers. 



Click on the images below to access additional online resources:


 Please use code UKTWINKLHELPS to access one month free ultimate membership, totally free of charge.


Art Resources

Year 8 Art Progress Grid

Unit 2 - Savtchenko powerpoint information and tasks

Unit 2 - Savtchenko Tasks

Year 8 Savtchenko Overview Advent / Lent Term 2017

Creative Computing & Technology Resources

Design Technology 

Students to revise Knowledge Oragnisers and have a go at the Quiz.

Please create nickname when playing Quiz using First name and form name as prize for winner when back in school. website -  A great website offering multiple choice online tests.  Useful for all D and T year groups. This is also very useful for Year 11 (mainly related to Section A of the examination - multiple choice)

DT Online website - this website provides a range of topics and revision materials


Resources added on 19/05/2020:


  • KS3 Computing Booklet
  • History of Computers Workbook
  • -  A great interactive website that teaches students how to touch type. 
  • -  Code club has some great computing project that students can complete at home to consolidate their learning in school. Some of the topics include Python, Scratch and HTML & CSS. 
  • - The inspiring Digital Enterprise Award, known as IDEA is an international programme that helps you develop and demonstrate your digital, enterprise and employability skills. Complete online interactive modules to gain badges. 

Food Technology ( click here)


Year 8 Computing Progress Grid

Year 8 Technology Progress Grid

Year 8 Design and Make a Bag for Life

Drama Resources

Extra Drama homelearning resources available on Google Classrooms - please log on here

Year 8 Drama Progress Grid - Creating Ideas PO1

Year 8 Drama Progress Grid - Performance Skills PO2

Year 8 Drama Progress Grid - Knowledge and Understanding PO3

English Resources



IXL Maths and English personalised learning website - Click on the image to access this resource

Year 8 English Home School Lesson Resources

Year 8 English Progress Grid - Reading PO1

Year 8 English Progress Grid - Reading PO2

Year 8 English Progress Grid - Reading PO3

Year 8 English Progress Grid - Reading PO4

Year 8 English Progress Grid - Writing PO5

Year 8 English Progress Grid - Writing PO6

Geography Resources


Geography Read and Watch List 2019-20

Year 8 Geography Progress Grid


History Resources

History Read and Watch List 2019-20

Year 8 History Progress Grid - Evidence PO2

Year 8 History Progress Grid - Interpretations PO3

1066 Warfare Information

End of Slavery Information

The Hundred Years War Information

The Reformation Information

The War of The Roses Information

Yr8 History Project

The Industrial Revolution 

The British Empire - Columbus

Year 8 History - Review of Learning - Sufferage

Languages Resources

Year 8 Modern Languages Progress Grid

Mathematics Resources

Maths Revision Resources website - students can access a variety of revision material including work for home




IXL Maths and English personalised learning website - Click on the image to access this resource


Year 8 Maths Progress Grid - Autumn Term

Year 8 Maths Progress Grid - Summer Term


Music Resources

Lesson 1 - Blues and Holst

Year 8 Music Progress Grid

Personal Development

BOSS - Website from Barnados to support the wellbeing and mental health of young people living in St Helens

Find out 5 ways for good wellbeing 

Healthy Living in St Helens

Healthy Living Recipes

St Helens Wellbeing

Young Minds

PSHE and Citizenship Resources

Year 8 PSHE Progress Grid

Physical Education Resources

Click on the image below to access this great resource on the Rugby League website: Rugby League stars are sharing their skills with the next generation - and keeping everyone connected to the sport. The Rugby Football League have launched the #SkillToPlay online initiative, which showcases some of the game’s finest players and help children and young people to emulate the skills of their heroes.  Freely available via and Our League, #SkillToPlay inspires children through a range of exciting skills and drills. 


Year 8 Physical Education Progress Grid

Religious Education Resources

Year 8 - Seven deadly sins research booklet

Year 8 Religious Education Progress Grid

Slideshare - RE revision material

YouTube RE revision clips

Science Resources

ADDITIONAL SCIENCE HOMELEARNING - click this link too access further resources

Year 8 Science Progress Grid

RSC Periodic Table

Year 8 News