Summer 2020 resources for Y9 students:


Click the links below to watch video clips all about food

Just added during May Half-Term Holiday: click here to view a recipe book of 50 recipes for students to try at home


Click the links below to access various digital resources


Cakes - Lessons

Introduction to Cakes

Cake Making PowerPoint

Cake Booklet 2020

Sugars Used in Cakes

Creaming Method for Victoria Sponge

Different Methods of Cake Making Table

Functions of Cake Making ingredients

International Foods

Curry Module

Curry Quiz

Noodles Module


Healthy Eating

Carbohydrate Knowledge Sheet

Fats Knowledge Sheet

Food Diary

Healthy Eating Nandos - Homework


Spelling & Literacy

Foods Spelling Booklet

Key Words in Food Technology

Extra Activities For Food Technology