What's it all about?

We’re all about Social Care 

Health & Social Care focuses on equipping students with the knowledge and understanding required within the Health and Social Care sector. It's an ideal choice for those students looking to study a vocational subject and it is a useful qualification for any student considering a career as a medical professional.

Communication, problem solving and analysis are all key skills covered. There is the need to work in group situations and also to think independently and creatively. Students are taught about the different areas of care and how to apply them to real life scenarios, alongside the development of the human body across Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Social areas.

Health & Social Care is offered as a BTEC qualification which is equal to a single GCSE.

Mr G Mearns
Curriculum Leader PE, Health and Social Care and BTEC QN

Miss N Ward
Personal Development Leader and Teacher of PE and Health and Social Care

Health and Social Care Curriculum Overview

Students will be studying about the physical, intellectual, emotional and social developments which occur across each of life stages, alongside how different life events can impact such developments.


Students will study the health and social care sector, the roles within and barriers which users may face. They will also study the importance of applying care values when supporting and dealing with patients.

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