Transition to St Cuthbert’s Year 7

Hello and a warm welcome from all of us here at St Cuthbert’s Catholic High School.

St Cuthbert’s is a Catholic community, which guides each of its students to develop their own unique gifts and talents, whatever they may be.
This site has been created for you to have a look around and to get to know the school and some important people who work
here before you join us in September.
Take a look, you'll have opportunity to meet our Year 7 Team, Head and Assistant Head of Year 7 and Mrs Twist, our Headteacher.


As your new Headteacher and in light of the
current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic,
I am writing to update you on your transition
to St Cuthbert’s.

Mrs Twist

Head Teacher


A very warm welcome from the Heads of Year 7
Miss Lomax and Mr Heywood.

Miss Lomax and Mr Heywood

Heads of Year 7


Miss Barrett is our SENCo and a Teacher
of Spanish. You'll find her in L2 which is on
the Second Floor in the Main Building. You
may also find her in the Achieve Room, along
the main corridor from Reception. Click here
to view both rooms on the map.

Mrs C Barrett



You'll find Form 7ACO in room S3 on the first
floor on the Science corridor. This is Mr Cardoo's
room, click here to find it on the school map.

Mr A Cardoo

Teacher of Science


Form 7ASH is on the Second Floor of the
main building in classroom L1 of the Spanish
Department. Click here to find it on the map,
this is where you'll find Miss Smith.

Miss A Smith

Teacher of Modern Languages


Form 7HBY can be found in the English
department. This is Mr Bredbury's room.
He will be joining St Cuthbert's in September
just like you and can't wait to meet you!

Mr H Bredbury

Teacher of English


You'll find Form 7KMA in M7 along
the Maths corridor. This is where
you'll find Miss Moa, click here to
view it on the map.

Miss K Moa

Second in Maths


Form 7LCR is Ms Carter's classroom.
It is in E6 in the English Department,
click here to view in on the map.

Ms L Carter

Teacher of English


Form 7LTL is in the Science department
in classroom S2. This is Miss Turnbull's room.
Click here to find it on the map.

Miss L Turnbull

Teacher of Science


You'll find Form 7MAN in the Technology
department in T4. This is Mr Atherton's
classroom. Click here to see it on the map.

Mr M Atherton

Teacher of Design Technology