Where can we find out more information about transition?

Find out more on our specially dedicated website here.


When is this year's Welcome Evening?

This year's Year 6 Parents'/Carers Welcome Evening is on Tuesday 21st June at 4pm.

During this evening, you will get the opportunity to meet members of staff, receiving important information about our Induction Days in July and when your child starts St Cuthbert’s in September. This is a very important meeting as it highlights key information, how St Cuthbert’s operates as well as the information about the cashless system and our school MyEd app. We kindly ask that NO CHILDREN attend the evening so that all Year 6 parents can fit in the drama theatre for the meeting. You will have the opportunity to ask our staff questions as well as meeting other parents.


What do the small group meetings with our Senior Leadership Team entail?

At St Cuthbert’s we believe in creating good relationships between parents and staff.  The small group meeting (this will include up to five other Y6 pupils) with a member of our Senior Leadership Team is a perfect opportunity to start this positive relationship. The meeting will allow parents to ask further questions and to pass on any other information about your child in preparation for September. Please note that your child will also need to attend this meeting.  Your child’s Primary School are aware you have been invited to attend.

These group meetings will take place on Tuesday 28th or Wednesday 29th June.


When are the Induction Days this year?

On Tuesday 5th and Wednesday 6th July.

What day do we start in September 2022?

This will be announced at the Year 6 Parents'/Carers' Welcome Evening on Tuesday 21st June at 4pm.

Who will be my child's Form Tutor?

Your child's Form Tutor will be announced soon and they will be fortunate to meet them properly on their Induction Days with us.


Will there be a Summer School this year?

For many years, St Cuthbert’s has offered a Summer School during the first week of the summer holidays. We are excited to announce that we are able to make this offer again this year. Although the Government has stopped the funding for summer schools we believe they’re too important to lose because of the head start it gives the students, building their confidence, making new friends and familiarising them with their new learning environment. The Summer School will involve coming to St Cuthbert’s for activities within and outside the classroom.

There will be a Summer School on Monday 25th, Tuesday 26th and Wednesday 27th July.


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