Punctuation Presentations

We recognise the importance of high standards of literacy across all subjects and in all aspects of life. Our weekly punctuation presentations aim to both revise the key elements of punctuation, and also help our students to develop the range of punctuation they are able to utilise. These weekly presentations are delivered by teaching staff in all curriculum areas and students are encouraged to proof read their work with the week’s focus in mind. This initiative will help students to become more accurate in their writing, and, as a result, much more confident writers.



Word Of The Week

Here at St Cuthbert's we aim to promote the use of a wider range of vocabulary amongst our students. Having “word rich” students often provides the vital difference between school failure and success. One of the ways of tackling this is through our “Word of the Week” initiative.  Each week we look at a different examination command word which is both relevant and challenging to be shared across the curriculum. Form tutors deliver a weekly presentation on the word to their students during form time and the presentation is also shown on all the TV screens around school.

For this half-term we will again focus on COMMAND WORDS.

These are the words that appear in exam or assessment tasks which tell you how to answer the question.


Please click on the word below to view a full list of words of the week: