Awards 2021 - We Celebrate in Style!

Awards 2021 - We Celebrate in Style!

Earlier this week we celebrated with our students for all their achievements for the academic year of 2020-21. This was the first celebration in person for the first time in two years.

For our 2020 Awards we celebrated the achievements of the academic year of 2019-20 like most people and other awards ceremonies that year, virtually. But this year, we wanted to celebrate in style and celebrated year groups individually.

Our Year 11 Leavers of 2021, as well as their proud parents and friends, had their own special and intimate evening in the school's brand new Dining Room, with speeches from a range of our staff.

Daniel Macdonald, Head Student for 2020-21, said: "It was lovely to be back at the place where I made the most happy and memorable memories, not only with my friends but with the amazing staff at St Cuthbert's.

"I'll never forget my time there and all that they have done for me."

Our Awards have 20 categories which focus on different areas of school life, across the Curriculum. From the Core subjects of English, Maths, Science and RE, to the Foundation subjects such as PE and Spanish, which allow students to show off their talents and love of subjects.

Inspiring individuals are also recognised through the Headteacher Award, Student of the Year (for each year group), Ambassador of the Year (for each year group) and The Spirit of St Cuthbert's Award.

This year The Headteacher Award was awarded to Year 11 student, Dominic C and The Spirit of St Cuthbert’s Award was awarded to the Senior Team for 2020-21.

Mrs Twist said: "Congratulations to all our winners, they should all be very proud of what they have achieved.

"The past two years have been challenging and their efforts have not gone unnoticed.

She said: "These awards proudly shine a spotlight on the individuals who have gone above and beyond for themselves, our school or their year group as well as the wider community and we cannot thank them enough for all their hard work and dedication."


Year 7 Curriculum Award Winners:

English: Charlie M

Maths: Benjamin N

Science: Noel Bartosz

RE: Elif O

Geography: Curtis W

History:  Keegan T

Spanish: Maggie H

PE:  Mason H

Food: Maya C-B

Technology: Kuba P

Computing: Maria J

Art: David A

Music: Victoria A

Drama: Ellie-May J


Year 11 Curriculum Award Winners:

English: Thea S

Maths: Aisa J-M

Science: Daniel M

RE: Caitlyn F

Geography: Alicia H

History:  Jessica M

Spanish: Emma M-D

PE:  Megan W

Health and Social Care: Niamh G

Food Preparation and Nutrition: Catherine F

Construction and the Built Environment: Xander E

Computing: Tansy U

Art: Alice M

Music: Elisha S

Drama: Phoebe B

Year 8 Curriculum Award Winners:

English: Gracie M

Maths: Andrew B

Science: Imogen P

RE: Rianna L

Geography: Wojciech S

History:  Declan L

Spanish: Ben H

PE:  Dominic L

Food: Ben C

Technology: Benny K

Computing: Charlie D

Art: Sophia P

Music: Yasmin G

Drama: Joshua G

Year 7 Student of the Year:

Olivia R

Year 7  Ambassador of the Year:

William K


Year 8 Student of the Year:

Grace B

Year 8 Ambassador of the Year: 

Gracie M

Year 9 Curriculum Award Winners:

English: Freya K

Maths: Sophie W

Science: Autumn F

RE: Iva I

Geography: Scarlett B-R

History:  Charlie P

Spanish: Daisy B

PE:  Nathan B

Food: Freddie N

Technology: Nathan F

Computing: Calleigh L

Art: Ella B

Music: Zach S

Drama: Millie H




Year 9 Student of the Year: 

Freya K

Year 9 Ambassador of the Year: 

John-Paul W


Year 10 Student of the Year:

Bobby B

Year 10 Ambassador of the Year: 

Kenzie A


Year 11 Student of the Year:

Jessica M

Year 11 Ambassador of the Year:

Daniel M

Year 10 Curriculum Award Winners:

English: Ellie R

Maths: Bobby B

Science: Aimee G

RE: Natasha L

Geography: Natasha T

History:  Jamie P

Spanish: Ali O

PE:  Aimee G

Health and Social Care: Kayleigh H

Food Preparation and Nutrition: Isabella B

Construction and the Built Environment: Ty R

Computing: Liam P

Art: Ellie-Mae B

Music: Euan M

Drama: Thomas F




Attendance Awards (100% for 5 years): 

Jacob B

Letitia B

Phoebe B

Ruby D

Emma D

Emily-May H

Cameron P


Head Teacher's Award:

Dominic C


The Spirit of St Cuthbert's Award:

The 2020-21 Senior Team