Coming together as a community to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day

We came together, as a community, in the week leading up to 2022's Holocaust Memorial Day with Cowley International College to share resources and prayers and learn together.

Head students from our school and Cowley not only worked together to share their resources, for their peers and teachers to use, across the borough of St Helens but also shared a minute's silence on the day, allowing us all to reflect and remember together.

Alisha, Rena, Ali and Julia who took part in creating and sharing resources for Holocaust Memorial Day 2022.


Miss Hughes, Curriculum Leader for Religious Education and Chair of St Helens SACRE said: "The theme for this year was 'One Day' and it was so important for our young people to work and communicate with people they would never usually cross paths with and to make that 'One Day' memorable and special.

"The week not only allowed our students to come together, as a community, but also allowed for an opportunity to learn and reflect on their own lives."

At 8pm on 27th January 2022, the St Cuthbert’s family were encouraged join the rest of the nation by putting a candle in our window to remember those who were murdered for who they were and to stand against hostility and prejudice, as part of the campaign #LightTheDarkness.

Mrs Twist said: “Organising community events like this, has continued to encourage everyone in our community to reflect on the depths humanity can sink to but also look to the ways individuals and communities can resist darkness to ‘be the light’.

“Our young people are a testimony to that every day and work hard to be live by our mission, ‘to treat others as you would like to be treated.”