#NationalStorytellingWeek - Our Grassroots Football Heroes

As part of #nationalstorytellingweek, our students are sharing and hearing the stories from people of all walks of life in their lessons and beyond.

Today we're sharing the stories of Year 9 students, Libby and Charlotte, who both recently won Player of the Match Award for their weekend Grassroot Football Teams. 

Charlotte, who plays for Bold Rangers and Libby, who represents Bleak Hill Rovers, have only both been playing for their teams for a few months now and are already showing off their talents and successes.  


Charlotte B (left) and Libby P (right) who were both awarded 'Player of the Match' Award.


Charlotte said: "I've been playing football every weekend now since last September and I absolutely love it. 

"It allows me to be with my friends but also play the sport I really love and stay active."


Mrs Bayley, PE Teacher and Technician, said "It's fantastic to see our students enjoying Grassroots Football throughout our community every weekend.

"They truly do put the effort in each and every weekend, playing alongside their school friends and friends from other local high schools.

She added: "Grassroots Football, especially for our young girls is vital for communities and to keep the love of the game going for everybody involved."