We celebrate Earth Day by planting a tree for the Jubilee

We celebrate Earth Day by planting a tree for the Jubilee

We have planted a very special tree as part of a national initiative from the Queen's Green Canopy (QGC).

As part of our 2022's Earth Day celebrations, our Duke of Edinburgh (DoE) student volunteers planted a Norwegian Maple to mark 70 years since the Queen came to the throne. 

Miss Hepworth, Geography teacher and DoE Lead, said: “We feel very privileged that St Cuthbert’s is taking part to create a legacy, in honour of the Queen’s leadership of the Nation.”

“Our children are very environmentally aware and wholeheartedly support this important initiative which promotes the planting of trees across the country.”

Our Jubilee tree will be added to the QGC Map, which will create a digital record of the green canopy of tree planting projects across the country.

Adem, Year 10 student and Duke of Edinburgh Volunteer, said: “We are not only extremely proud and honoured to be part of this initiative, as part of the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award, but also proud to be able to plant this tree at our school so that generations to come will observe it's growth."


Our fantastic Year 10 DoE students, Adem, Calleigh, Kevin, Rhoda planting the tree with Miss Hepworth, Mr Magee and Mrs Twist. 


Sammy, one of our Year 10 DoE volunteers made a special wooden plaque which was planted with the tree to commemorate the special day.

On the weeks leading up to Earth Day, St Cuthbert’s also worked with St Helens Borough Council to offer a special menu for the day.

The menu used ingredients that are currently in season, across the UK, as the core ingredients of the dishes. They also asked suppliers if the fresh produce could be sourced from farms as local as the Borough of St Helens.

Mrs Twist said: "Events like these highlight the importance we all play in helping with the climate crisis and the future of our young people.

"By working together and doing our bit, as a community, we will continue to preserve and protect our health, our families and our livelihoods."

Click here to see the menu.