Year 8 student's special Easter egg delivery to Alder Hey

Take a look at our brilliant Year 8 students delivering their special Easter egg donations to Alder Hey this morning.

Over the past few weeks, our Year 8 forms have started to collect Easter eggs to send to Alder Hey Children's Hospital before the Easter break.


The idea first came from Darcy B and Olivia R, who have given up break and lunch times to contact companies and shops to ask if they will offer donations before calling on the rest of the St Cuthbert's community.

Olivia said: "We wanted to do this, this year because these past couple of years have been very hard for everyone and most children at Alder Hey won't be going home to their families and we wanted to make sure that everyone is happy this Easter."

Mrs Lee, Assistant Head of Year 8, said: "We are so proud of both girls and the rest of our fantastic year group for their maturity and caring nature they have shown over the last couple of weeks.

"They started with 35 eggs and now there's easily over 100. We've had to use the school's minibuses to drop off them off!"