Remembrance Day Service

Remembrance Day Service

We came together today to remember all of those who have given their lives in our honour. We remember those who lost their lives on active service in all conflicts; from the beginning of the First World War right up to the present day.

Our fantastic school choir also opened the Service with 'We'll Meet Again'. We thought about the ongoing war in Ukraine and prayed for the people of Ukraine.

Our students and Cadets alongside Mrs Brown, Curriculum Leader for History, shared special poems, readings and reflections.

Year 9 students, Ellie and Daisy, read their own poetry that they had written in their English classes recently when studying about war poetry.


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War Poems by Year 9

Marching on with pride

Determination was key

A war fought for glory

But ended in misery


The planes flew overseas

Building and battling the fight

They were a family together

Many went away night by night


Young men went in strong

But yet came out weak

With strength 'til the end

They died in conditions bleak


They shall not grow old

As they lie there on the field

Escaping to the trenches

Using them as their shield


They lie up in the sky

Watching down on their loved one

With the brightness up above

For them the sun has shone


Lest we forget

Their legacy lives on.


By Ellie

We will remember them,

We will remember the brave souls who walked this earth, 

We will remember the sacrifice they made to protect our flesh


They shall not be forgotten,

The foe will not silence their voices,

England will remember them


Sorrow remains in our hearts,

Yet glory shines upon our hearts,

The fallen will be remembered throughout the coming years.


By Daisy