Year 10s Take Part in Hope Hack Event with St Helens Youth Council

Our Year 10 students enjoyed a day trip to St Helens Town Hall today to take part in a Mini Hope Hack Event.

The event was hosted by the St Helens Youth Council along with the help of Vibe and The Hope Collective.

The aim was for the young people of St Helens to discuss issues, take part in workshops and have their voices heard ahead of the Merseyside Hope Hack in March 2023.

After introductions by the Worshipful Mayor Cllr Sue Murphy, students took part in an ice breaker which included marshmallows and spaghetti and then in a Q&A panel with a range of professionals.


A series of workshops around the Town Hall allowed the young people to talk and share experiences on issues such as Mental and Physical Health, Education, Community Safety and Inclusion and Equality.

It was brilliant to see representatives from St Cuthbert's, Anja, Josh and Yasmin there too, helping to run the event as part of the Youth Council.