Our Brilliant Club Graduate at Liverpool University

Our Brilliant Club Graduate at Liverpool University

After meeting in the lecture theatre with students from other local schools to discuss what university life is really like, we enjoyed a tour of the campus, and the opportunity to chat to Liverpool University Student Ambassadors. 

The Brilliant Club, in conjunction with TBC and the University of Liverpool, is designed to help our students develop the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to secure a place at a competitive university.

Last term, Libby, Rhiannon, Charlotte and Amelia, attended the Brilliant Club here at school, lead by Miss Alhadad. They focussed on the topic of 'Diversity in the Workplace', with each student choosing their own area of particular interest to study. At the end of the project, our students submitted their dissertations, and each piece of work was graded at university level.

This was an incredibly valuable learning experience, and we are very proud of our students for the mature, dedicated and intelligent way they approached this Scholars Programme.

Libby, Rhiannon, Charlotte and Amelia set off to the University of Liverpool to enjoy an action packed day, finishing with their well-deserved Graduation Ceremony and presentation of certificates.