Magnificent Music!

Magnificent Music!

At St Cuthbert’s, we study a wide range of subjects. One of these is music. Music is a fantastic subject where you learn a huge range of musical skills. We learn to play a lot of instruments these include: keyboard, xylophone, trumpets and a lot more.

In music, practice does make perfect. 1 week ago, I couldn’t play a piece of keyboard music, which required me to play with both of my hands. Now, however, I can play through that piece of music, no problem at all. Music teaches you a huge array of life skills. Including, Resilience, Commitment and Self-esteem. Resilience, as you learn not give up, even when you find a piece of music hard. It teaches you commitment, because you learn to keep trying to play an instrument, until you succeed. Also, it gives you self-esteem, as when you finally play through a piece of music, that you found difficult to learn, you feel proud of yourself.

Mrs Gifford, an amazing music teacher, helps you whenever you are stuck or troubled, during music. She plays an extremely large amount of instruments and is an inspiration to us aspiring musicians.

Brass Band, is on a Monday, after school. It is a fun and relaxing atmosphere, where you will learn to play a brass instrument. I go to band and encourage other students to join, as well.

Overall, music is one of my favourite subjects and I thoroughly enjoy it!


By Daniel Macdonald 7IGS.