Sports day 2017 …Records tumble!

Sports day 2017 …Records tumble!

Sports day 2017 proved to be the biggest yet with over 250 students competing in the widest range of events we have ever offered.

This year was the launch of the sports ‘teams’ with students competing for team Faith, Dignity, Unity or Hope. Each team reflected their Paralympic value and were managed by their competitive team managers Mr Mearns, Mrs Hannah, Miss Ward and Miss Lethbridge respectively.

The managers must have inspired some brilliance from their teams as 9 school sports day records were broken!

The new record holders are as follows:

  • Long Jump (Y10) Kiara W.S. 3.80m
  • 4 x 300m relay (Y10) Team Unity 3.23s
  • 4x100m relay (Y7) Team Hope 1.06s
  • Shot (Y8) Saul D. 9.75m
  • Discus (Y8) Saul D. 17.05m
  • 300m (Y10) Cody R. 55.75s
  • Shot (y10) Jack T.  10.10m
  • 100m (Y10) Cody R. 14.25s
  • 1500m (Y9) Michael C. 5.34s (This record had stood for 9 years!!)

Even aside from the records it was a fantastic effort form all involved with Determination, Inspiration, Courage and Equality shown in abundance.

In an extremely tight competition (only 3 points in it coming into the relays!), the overall winners were TEAM HOPE!

Team manager Miss Lethbridge commented “I am very proud of all the guys in Team Hope. They have definitely followed their Paralympic value of ‘Inspiration’ – setting the standards for other to follow!!”