Moving on up to St Cuthbert's - by Faye and Katie

Moving on up to St Cuthbert's - by Faye and Katie

Below, our current Year 7 students Faye and Katie have written an open letter to the Year 6 students who are due to join us in Year 7 in September.  Both Faye and Katie were part of the BBC News School Report Extra-Curricular club which they attended every Thursday evening since November and took part in the National BBC News Day on Thursday 15th March 2018.  

Dear Y6s

St. Cuthbert’s has offered us many different opportunities. There is something different here each week. We have people regularly coming in to give interesting and necessary talks about different aspects of life. Likely, in assembly (held every week) we are notified about things going on in school and in life. There are after school clubs every day to suit all different personalities. Some of these after school clubs are: Dance (Monday), Football (Monday), Art (Tuesday), Athletics (Wednesday), Netball (Wednesday), Rugby (Thursday), Drama (Friday), and more.  You will be accepted for who you are here at St. Cuthbert’s.

We know how you are probably nervous at this stage with everyone telling you it’s such a big deal, and it is, but like us you will find that you will walk in on the first day and feel like you have been there forever. You have the chance for a new fresh start, no matter who you are. The teachers will expect nothing else than what you can do.

When you walk in there on your first day hold your head up high, because you are confident, amazing and you can do this, because if we can, so can you. Don’t worry about a thing, because you are who you are and we at St Cuthbert’s are proud of that.

Faye and Katie.